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Bridging Maritime Domain and Cybersecurity Awareness with integrated technology solutions to solve your operational, cyber and compliance needs

Maritime Domain Intelligence Technology

Connected maritime domain awareness for the 21st century. Ultra low bandwidth technology serving vessels at sea and operators ashore with real-time maritime domain awareness; Vessel Tracking, risk modelling and analysed intelligence.  

maritime domain awareness

Cyber Vessel Protection

Safeguarding Your Vessel in the Digital Seas - The Definitive Cybersecurity Solutions for a low connectivity environment: AI driven endpoint protection with SOC support.


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Risk Advisory Partners

Risk experts helping maritime professionals. Risk advisory services, special projects, expert witness, due diligence, intelligence reporting.


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Your Trusted Maritime Technology Partner

Working with you to enhance and simplify risk decision processes



Maritime Domain Intelligence | Understand and Reduce your Operational and Cyber Risk


Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023


In our "Annual Report 2022/2023: The State of Maritime Security" you'll find the latest intelligence on analysis on the Gulf of Mexico, Libya, Ukraine, South East Asia, West Africa and the Indian Ocean and you'll hear from leading industry experts including the IMO's Frederick Kenney. 


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Driving Change:

Maritime Risk Technology Solutions 

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ARMS Fleet Manager

Fleet management system, risk management, vessel monitoring system and real time intelligence for shore based operators.

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ARMS Shipboard

Real time and ultra-low bandwidth connectivity marine fleet management software.

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ShipGuard AITM

Shielding your personnel and assets against cyber dangers, irrespective of connectivity. Unwavering protection, always.

Automated Risk Management Solutions


Real-Time Maritime Domain Awareness for Risk Managers and Crew


ARMS Fleet ManagerTM 

ARMS ShipboardTM



Notification Bell


Notification menus for Flag State, Class Society, Company, and Government Agencies.



24/7 intelligence through Dryad Global's exclusive, state of the art intelligence hub. Latest analysis of port, maritime and crew-transfer country risks.




Create and track fleets; access latest security analysis, receive alerts, display critical information and communicate directly with crews (with connected ARMSTM system )



Create vessel specific procedures to align with regulatory agencies, company protocols and insurance requirements.

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Complete connected awareness allows crew, owners, and management to see information at the same time.

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SAT and terrestrial AIS tracking for your nominated fleets.  With ARMS SB also get tracking of your assets independent of AIS

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Bandwidth Connection

ARMS Sb stays connected with ultra-low bandwidth usage for fast upload and low cost.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Audit and assurance and Threat Monitoring on vessels and ashore. 


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Piracy, Maritime Security and Migrant Movement

Maritime issues happen quickly. Whether it is a high risk piracy attack, migrant movements, attempted boardings, etc. Without ARMS, vessels don’t have the critical information to make decisions to keep their voyage safe.

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Civil Issues Affecting Port, Canals, and Waterways

Civil issues affect port and waterway operations on a daily basis. Strikes, civil unrest, riots and work stoppages all cost port and maritime operations substantial expense each year. ARMS provides the most up to date information to ensure you have the critical information to make better decisions improving your operations, protecting your assets and reducing your costs.

Civil Unrest

Worldwide Disease Outbreaks and Health Epidemics

Major disease outbreaks and health epidemics continue to cause issues to vessel operations. ARMS is the only shipboard based platform providing real-time updates on all of the COVID-19 related closures, quarantines, delays and restrictions. Exposure to medical related issues adds additional costs through mitigation but also negative publicity. The ARMS platform provides a single source for specific or geographic health issues and epidemics worldwide.

Disease Outbreak

Major Weather Events

ARMS provides weather information for major worldwide weather issues so you can stay informed about how these events could affect your shipboard operations and route planning. IMSA has an exclusive partnership with WRI (Weather Routing Inc.) for their proprietary weather alerts which automatically populate into the ARMS platform. ARMS also gathers additional weather data from government sources around the world for all of our weather related alerts. Dryad Global clients can reach out directly to WRI for customised weather routing forecasts.


Cyber Security

Many governments identify cyber issues as the number one threat facing companies around the world. The maritime sector is extremely vulnerable and has suffered several attacks and attempted attacks in recent history. ARMS provides users with worldwide alerts on cyber threats and issues.

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Transit and port-of-call Security assessments

Expert analysis of security environments – recommendations tailored to your objectives


and Independent

we report it as we see it with no vested interests in exaggerating risks


Global Country
Security Index

we cover the globe’s hotspots.  We report where you operate


More than
Due Diligence

we guide commercial decisions with actionable reporting and recommendations beyond ISPS and BMP5

Expert analysis


access our team of experts with decades of experience in intelligence and operations throughout the world

Security Brokerage


armed guards and SEVs-  we understand the market

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What Our Customers Say

A premium product that does exactly what I need it to - help me make security decisions when the pressure is on.
Finding a trusted source to help me understand what my risks are has been a game changer for my company. Too many people out there will give you the media narrative and don't have a deep understanding like the team at Dryad.
Finding a cyber defense solution for maritime is not easy and with so many land based solutions failing to understand our challenges. Dryad delivers a superb product that is perfect for our environment.
Putting a case together to convince or owners that we can operate safely in West Africa was not easy, but having the quality badge of Dryad Global behind us with the first class reporting made it possible.