Terms of Business



Terms Of Business














































































 Dryad may also use client company names to promote its services unless the company informs Dryad that it does not wish to either in writing or using its online forms.













































 21.2.3 on the fifth Business Day following mailing, if mailed by national ordinary mail, postage prepaid; or

22.2.4 on the tenth Business Day following mailing, if mailed by airmail, postage prepaid in each case addressed to the most recent address, e-mail address, or facsimile number notified to the other Party.

22.3 Service of any document for the purposes of any legal proceedings concerning or arising out of the Agreement shall be effected by either Party by causing such document to be delivered to the other Party at its registered or principal office, or to such other address as may be notified to one Party by the other Party in writing from time to time. Dryad’s correspondence address is 71-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ..



24 Conditions of Release of Information 

24.1   Use of this site and the information is copyright of Dryad Global and the intellectual property rights for this publication belong exclusively to Dryad Global. No material or information contained in this publication should be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form without the expressed permission of Dryad Global.

24.2  Any document are a controlled copy and remain the property of Dryad Global. Forwarding of documents constitutes breach of Copyright which will be vigorously defended.

24.3  Assessments and reports contains assessments and forward looking statements based on the best available data at the time of writing. A report of possible activity or lack of activity gives no guarantee of actual events and may not be sufficient in itself to warrant the declaration of force majeure. Mitigation measures and precautions are provided for guidance and planning purposes based on the assessment of the situation. Dryad Global shall not be liable for any actions, losses, damages, claims, liabilities, costs, expenses or injuries in any way arising out of or relating to the services provided by Dryad Global pursuant to the provision of information and reports.

25 Disclaimer

25.1 Advice given and recommendations made do not constitute a guarantee, undertaking or warranty of future results or an assurance against risk. Recommendations are based on information provided by you and other information available to us at the time of writing/publishing. No express or implied warranty is given in respect of any judgment made by us.

25.2 Reports (including enclosures and attachments) are for the intended recipient only and may not be disclosed to any third parties without our prior written consent. Any unauthorised disclosure, copying, distribution, use or reliance upon this report or any accompanying documents is strictly prohibited. You agree to indemnify us against any claim and any resulting damages that may be caused by any unauthorised disclosure or use of such documents.

26 Product Request and Delivery 

26.1 All product requests must be made via the product service request online form and successful submission is acknowledged by email with unique ID number.  In exceptional circumstances an email to operations@dryadglobal.com with the details of the request will be accepted though only an acknowledged request will be deemed as having been received.

26.2 All products will be delivered to the customers’ online account where it can be accessed and downloaded.  Exceptionally, and only by agreement with Dryad, the product will be sent directly by email.

26.3 Dryad working days are Mon-Fri 0830-1730 (local time) excluding UK bank Holidays: https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays

26.4 Where a standardised product is requested; such as a Risk Assessment or report, Dryad’s delivery pledge will apply. Dryad delivery pledge is: The completed item will be ready within 48hrs of the request when the delivery date falls on a working day. Dryad will apply best endeavours for any urgent requests and reserves the right to charge an out-of-hours or urgent delivery surcharge to cover weekend, holiday and re-prioritised work.

26.5 Out of hours surcharges :  Risk Assessments USD400, Consultancy USD400,  Special Reports USD POA.  Urgent delivery surcharge USD250

27 Technical Support 

27.1 All requests for technical support to be addressed to operations@dryadglobal.com

27.2 Technical support issues will be replied to with a remedy proposal or solution within Dryads delivery pledge.