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        Timely, rigorous, evidence-based assessments for plaintiffs, defence teams courts and tribunals to ensure a just outcome. The evidence put forward in a trial by an expert witness can be a deciding factor in tipping the balance towards a fair judgement

        If your team is facing a legal wrangle or court case our risk management team can help.


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        Trusted by our Industry

        Dryad Global’s experts have been involved in the maritime, security, shipping, transportation, supply chain management and logistics industries for over 20 years. Our team specialises in the delivery of high quality, dependable and trusted expert witness consultancy services to clients.

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        Support when you need it

        Professional expert witness support can be the deciding factor in litigation. Our team is experienced and trusted by international companies to craft and deliver industry specific arguments to support, defeat or manage the outcome of a legal decision.

        Dryad Global’s expert witness consulting services are headed by Munro Anderson. As part of our expert witness services, we will act as an expert witness on behalf of one of the parties involved in litigation. Our team will consider all of the evidence available and then provide an expert opinion to the court to outline areas where fault lies and where the liability rests.

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        Risk management

        Assess, evaluate and measure risks

        Negotiate settlements



        Expert witness reports in support of motions


        Courtroom testimony at trial and testimony at depositions

        In prosecution:

        Maximise argument’s effectiveness by guiding and supporting the claims effectively.

        In Defence

        Manage risk and the clients’ case to an acceptable level

        Expert Witness Reports 

        written within a specified time scale in compliance with specific legal guidelines.

        Technical analysis 

        and opinion to assist the court in reaching its decision

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        We work both remotely and on location, conducting site visits, interviews, research, and additional exploratory investigations as required

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        Our expert witness services include providing an expert witness report detailing technical and commercial advice to the legal team alongside a report prepared specifically for the court.



        As needed, we will meet with the experts appointed by other parties to seek resolution. We will also attend court and give evidence under oath as required.
        Dryad Global’s expert witness consultant are listed on the UK register of expert witnesses.



        We offer expert witness consulting services across:
        • Shipping expert witness
        • Marine expert witness
        • Transport expert witness
        • Maritime
        • Shipping expert witness
        • Port expert witness
        • Supply chain management expert witness


        What is an Expert Witness?

        An expert witness is an individual with specific knowledge and experience in a particular industry or discipline that. This is assessed by:

        • Level of education
        • Number of years in the specific field/sector or industry
        • Affiliated to professional organisations
        • Published author
        Expert Witness Maritime Security

        An expert witness is called upon to deliver impartial opinion to a Court or tribunal on disputed issues that are within his or her realm of expertise. 

        In England & Wales and many other jurisdictions the Court must give permission for an Expert Witness to give evidence.

        What’s the difference between an expert witness and an expert advisor?

        An expert witness provides an independent expert opinion in their area of specialism in accordance with the instructions they receive. These instructions are presented in the Expert Witness’s Report which is seen by the other side and the Court. The Expert Witness Report must contain all of the information required as stipulated by the Court Rules. The Court expects an expert witness to be independent and impartial and will discount the evidence if it is believed to be bias.
        An expert adviser is appointed by an instructing party to assist in the development and crafting of a party’s claim or defence. They do not have an overriding duty to the court.

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