War Risk Cover

Leverage a winning way

Why pay more if you have done more to reduce your risk exposure?

Dryad Global have married deep knowledge of maritime risk with insurance expertise to offer you a competitive and tailored war risk premium.

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Dryad has partnered with an approved Lloyd’s of London broker with over 70 years market experience and knowledge! Cambiaso Risso, branded in London as CR international, is one of the largest European players for retail business insuring more than 9,500 vessels. CR affirmed its brand in the market thanks to the excellent servicing in providing the most suitable insurance arrangements combined with an impeccable assistance on claims. CR has an international network of offices acrossn Norway, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, UK, US and South Korea.

We have built relationships with forward-looking underwriters in the War Risk market to help you obtain competitive and comprehensive cover for your high-risk area transits. This winning combination will ensure shipowners are provided with the best actionable risk intelligence, which in turn allows for competitive premiums rather than a ‘one-cost-fits-all’.

War risk is not generally not readily understood by actuarial risk models - and with true exposure to losses shifting with the tides of geo-politics, criminal activity, and economic forces; you need constant, expert oversight and understanding. Our partners are plugged into Dryad Global and understand this risk – enabling a better product for you.

Place war risk separately to Hull and Machinery cover 

The days of getting the best deals in bundles have passed- with H&M rates climbing (irrespective of whether you combine war risks) the best deals for war risks can be found with a specialist provider.

Peace of mind for owners

Owners can rest assured that cover operates back-to-back with the existing H&M as the War clauses are automatically amended to match or follow the basis of the H&M conditions such as ITCH, Nordic Plan, American Institute clauses etc.

Policies can be tailored to fit your individual needs!

We only work with A-rated markets 

By working only with the best underwriters who depend on their reputation, you can rest assured that any claim will be handled efficiently, professionally and with a customer-first approach.  

Benefit like the large war risk pools

Most large war risk pools are re-insured into the London markets where our providers sit.  

Interested to know more?

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Better, Faster

Our underwriters will tailor the additional premiums (AP) to benefit the client with a better structure and competitive premiums and provide added value through Dryad's deep risk understanding.  This is achievable because they have confidence in the independent risk assessment to tailor their premiums for your gain.

We understand that decisions need to be made fast so we will provide a risk assessment that enables the underwriters quantify the risk according to the specifics of your vessel and route. You will also receive a copy of this assessment within 48 hrs of the requests along with your war risk quote.

Safety at Sea;

Dryad Global is trusted by some of the largest shipping companies in the world to keep their mariners and cargoes safe. You can benefit too.

How does it work and who pays?

It all starts with a risk assessment at USD350 but you will receive a premium reduction to offset this cost if you decide to take the cover.



You submit your Transit Risk Assessment HERE and simply request an insurance quote by filling out a few extra details.


Step 2

We provide your TRA along with the quote which you can accept and/or advise of any amendments required.


Step 3

We issue your Certificate of Insurance along with Debit Notes and payment is then due within 60 days of inception (unless otherwise agreed).

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Support when you need it

We know that shipping is not a fixed business and that things change, so when that happens (perhaps destination changes of routing for weather) then we can advise and update you accordingly. A premium service and no additional cost. What’s not to like?

• All recommendations are in line with industry best practise – as such it is expected that insured will make best endeavours to follow recommendations. Dryad analysts remain available to client throughout the transit to support decision making.