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As leading maritime security experts, we provide maritime safety and risk advisory services to some of the world’s largest ship chartering companies, oil majors, cruise liners, container ship owners, cargo carrier operators, shipping corporations, security industry specialists, luxury yacht clients and others.

Our 24/7/365 team of maritime professionals provide extensive, bespoke situational advice, risk analysis, monitoring and management support to the commercial shipping industry to keep people and assets safe around the globe by land or sea.
Our range of specialist security and risk advisory services include:

Port Security

We use human and AI driven intelligence analysis to provide our clients with detailed vessel risk assessments and port risk assessments. Whether it’s a one-off port security report or a detailed intelligence assessment of specific transits across multiple ports and locations, both offshore and onshore our team will provide thorough intelligence analysis and complete Voyage Threat Assessments. Clients can dive into our live global security platform Atlas Inform to aid their decision making process.

Port Risk

International Maritime Law and Compliance

Knowing the legalities of maritime law is imperative to operate with assurance across different territorial waters, Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and High Risk Areas (HRA). Our team advises international shipping companies on various maritime law issues ranging from the the use of armed and unarmed guards to the International Ship and Port facility Security Code (ISPS) and Standard Operating Procedures across different ports and locations.

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On-site security audit

We support clients all over the world with site security audits. Our intelligence-led security assessments help clients to mitigate against risk and implement operational security measures to protect their infrastructure including people, assets, information and equipment.

Whether a one-off requirement or an ongoing audit project to ensure security standards remain fit for purpose, we work with clients to deliver tailored solutions to their needs.

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Ship Security Audits

Our teams frequently visit clients’ ships at berth to conduct pre-voyage vessel audits. These ship security audits are designed to review and assess the security of the vessel prior to its transit. Where necessary, we make best practice recommendations in line with BMP4 for security hardening measures and procedures.


What's Inside Your Security Portal?


Regional security insights; analytical data by time, space and category


Instant notification of latest incidents on log in


Detailed maritime crime and piracy reporting with data contextual analysis 


Maritime crime trends in context to individual incidents, maritime regions or countries


Easy search function – find the related information not just the headline


Port reports and Risk Assessments with incident data analysis


Country Overview Risk Assessments for on shore, beyond port operations


Instant downloadable reports to use within your business


Contextual and geographical layer mapping (HRA, EEZ, Terminals)


BMP 5 and ISGOTT 6 compliant risk assessments

Superyacht Security

We work closely with Superyacht Captains, owners and management companies to deliver unarmed and armed luxury yacht security solutions for the luxury yacht market.

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Complete Maritime Insurance Solutions

Kidnap and Ransom insurance we have you and your team covered. Our K&R responders are highly trained with decades of operational experience dealing with hostage and kidnapping negotiations around the world.

War Risk Insurance

for every eventuality. We are partnered with Lloyd’s of London broker Cambiaso Risso to deliver competitive and comprehensive cover for high-risk area transits.

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Vessel Protection

Professional and highly trained maritime security teams that can include both armed and unarmed guards. Our vessel security teams are assured and legally compliant to meet the necessary jurisdictional requirements for their area of operations and deployment. (3)

In-depth contextual analysis providing intelligence on historical incidents, geopolitics and other factors key to understanding the threat situation. Inter active visualisations included in our user-friendly portal displaying incidents and data on the map how you want to see them.

Set filters, search terms and parameters with ease enabling you to access specific information and manipulate graphs and displays in your own custom downloadable report.

Display, download and share the report as needed 24/7/365 to simplify sharing and referencing needs 24/7/365

Stowaways and Shipping

Stowaways are an ever-present problem for the shipping industry, in particular to those trading off the coast of West Africa, in Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and in the Dominican Republic. In addition to vessels’ trade patterns, the problem of stowaways is closely linked to vessel, cargo type, and the level of security training and awareness of the crew. We provide resources, training, security services and bespoke advice to cargo carriers, shipping operators, cruise ships, masters and crews to help them mitigate against and prevent stowaways.


In accordance with IMO principles and guidelines for rescue at sea, we will also provide support to clients if they discover displaced people.


stowaway 1

Vulnerability Assessments

We provide companies with security vulnerability assessment reports to help them understand their exposure to security risks. In each case we work with clients to agree a vulnerability assessment scope of work tailored to their needs. The final product includes a vulnerability assessment report executive summary and subsequent risk mitigation reports and recommendations

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Port Risk Assessment

Our Port Risk Assessments address the security profile for operations within the port or terminal and the immediate approaches. The product provides clients with the context, current threats to maritime security and recommendations to operate in as safe and commercially viable manner as possible. Human analytical power goes into every one of our assessments looking into the specific threat profile to our clients’ people and assets.


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John Smith
Marketing Director
Master cleanse banh mi blog kinfolk, pitchfork try-hard mustache paleo. Tumblr church-key vice brooklyn whatever chia. Single-origin coffee echo park 3 wolf moon salvia humblebrag distillery palo santo.
John Smith
Marketing Director
Master cleanse banh mi blog kinfolk, pitchfork try-hard mustache paleo. Tumblr church-key vice brooklyn whatever chia. Single-origin coffee echo park 3 wolf moon salvia humblebrag distillery palo santo.
John Smith
Marketing Director

Maritime Security, Safety and Shipping Expert Witness

Our team is frequently asked to provide rigorous, evidence-based assessments to private clients, courts and tribunals internationally. Our extensive maritime security and risk intelligence experience. We work alongside maritime lawyers on request to provide expert, fair and impartial evidence

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Maritime Cyber Security

As more integrated vessels take to the water, and maritime cyber attacks rise it is increasingly important to have a maritime cyber security management plan if a ship owner or commercial vessel is to be fully secured against cyber attack and malware. As trusted, independent security advisors we provide cyber risk and vulnerability assessments to clients to ensure their maritime cyber security provision is optimal.


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Security Threat Assessment Report

Each security threat assessment is created based on the unique parameters of the client’s requirement.

Whether a Transit Risk Assessment, Threat Landscape Report or global Threat Intelligence report our team is renowned for being able to deliver timely, leading threat and risk assessments. Take a look at our weekly Maritime Security Threat Assessment (MSTA) product.

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Security and risk audits, vessel hardening recommendations, crew training, BMP 5 and ISPS guidance, Port & Transit Risk Assessments . . . our team provide clients’ transiting or mooring in high risk areas with extensive anti-piracy support solutions.


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Maritime Security Advisory Services

Our consultancy team specialise in all aspects of maritime security provision. Whether on a one-off basis, project embed or long-term solution our advisory team provide complete maritime security consultancy services.

Maritime Law

Vessel Tracking and Maritime Intelligence Tools

Crews , masters, operational teams and physical armed or unarmed vessel protection teams are supported by our 24/7/365 in-house team. Using our global risk management platform, Atlas Inform we use the latest technology to monitor clients’ people and vessels to provide real-time operational and intelligence risk mitigation support to our clients wherever they are in the world.


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